At Universidad TecMilenio

we have created the Institute for Wellbeing and Happiness, which promotes wellbeing through:
1. Teaching the foundations for a fulfilling life
2. A proposal for positive practices to promote our students and collaborators' happiness.
3. Research of the basic wellbeing principles.
4. Dissemination of the results derived from our experience and research.

What is the foundation of our work?

Our work is based on the Science of Wellbeing and Happiness that researches what works well in the life of individuals and organizations and how happiness in people may be enhanced.

Through the Wellbeing 360° Summit and Happiness 360° Summit we seek to disseminate the most important results of the research on happiness through the participation of knowledgeable experts in Positive Psychology.

What do we want to achieve?

At Universidad TecMilenio we have implemented a Wellbeing Ecosystem that contributes to the positive transformation of the life of our community and society in general through 4 action lines:

1. Teaching about well-being through courses, seminars, and graduate programs in Positive Psychology.
2. Experience wellness applying what we know about well-being in our daily life at the University.
3. To provide wellbeing services applying consulting, training, and coaching to organizations and enterprises, based on Positive Psychology.
4. Research on Wellbeing generating more knowledge regarding happiness and how to enhance it.

Who constitutes the Institute?

Some of the most well-known international experts participate in the Advisory Board of the Institute for Wellbeing and Happiness.

It is chaired by Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar and as board members are Rosalinda Ballesteros, Maria Elena Garassini, James Pawelski, Sonja Luybomirsky, Kim Cameron, Claudio Ibáñez, Bruno Zepeda, Inés Sáenz, Simón Cohen.