The Positive Organizations Seminar is a great opportunity to:

Acquire the knowledge to design interventions that guide transformation to a positive organization.
Implementing the 4R's of positive organizations appropriately.

  • Recognition
  • Feedback
  • Positive Relationships
  • Resilience

  • Promoting collaborator engagement while generating positive environments within the organization.
    Defining healthy practices to increase workers' well-being in the organization.

    Who is it aimed at:

    Enterprise Directors, Division Directors, General Managers, Human Resources Managers, Educational Institutions Directors, Civil Society Directors and Managers, Government areas Secretaries and Directors, and General area or project Coordinators. In general for individuals who have a decision-making responsibility and human talent management.

    Modality • Presence-based: with a weekly three-hour frequency.
    The topics are reviewed in the sessions and experiential exercises carried out.
    • On line: a topic is reviewed every week. Participation in forums, wikis and synchronic sessions with the Instructor are included.

    Module 1
    Topic 1: Introduction to Positive Organizational Psychology.
    Topic 2: Positive Organization Concept, theoretical model and measurement.
    Topic 3: Results from positive organizations
    Module 2
    Topic 4: Labor resources as a task.
    Topic 5: Social resources of the work environment.
    Topic 6: Healthy practices in the organization
    Module 3
    Topic 7: Self-efficacy in the organization
    Topic 8: Engagement at work
    Topic 9: Resilience.
    Module 4
    Topic 10: Positive interventions in the organizations
    Topic 11: Strategies for positive intervention focused on employment.
    Topic 12: Strategies for positive intervention focused on the organization.
    General requirements for registration are:

  • CV
  • Letter of Intent
  • Telephone interview

  • **These requirements must be sent by the applicant to the campus coordinator where he/she is interested in taking the seminar.