What is the Positive Museums project?

It is an initiative that emerged in 2017 as part of the collaboration between the International Santa Lucía Festival and the Institute for Wellbeing and Happiness, that seeks to join art and people through the experience of positive emotions. Through Positive Museums, Universidad Tecmilenio, recognized as the first positive university in the world, contributes to the positive transformation of community life through teaching skills that promote individual and collective well-being.

Positive Museum

A Positive Museum transforms the experience of the museum so visitors identify and practice positive emotions. It is carried out through workshops, guided tours and activities that enable them to create engagement with themselves and with others, creating an atmosphere of well-being at the same time.

All experiences in a Positive Museum have a scientific foundation based on the science of Positive Psychology (Seligman, 2016) and the approach of Art as Therapy (De Botton & Armstrong, 2017).

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More than 42 thousand visitors


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More than 5 thousand visitors

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Metropolitan Museum

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"El Obispado" Regional Museum in Nuevo León

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Papalote Children Museum


Alfa Planetarium

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Alfa Planetarium and Dialogue in the Dark

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